Intersect by Sinisana

Intersect is our blockchain product solution for the multi-ingredient food product industry that focuses on food safety, traceability and oversight. We bring the cost of digital transformation low enough to roll this out to farmers in developing countries, while raising the bar with the confidence-level that consumers will have through the use of blockchain technology. Our partner ecosystem allows for a collaborative environment to create greater consumer trust in food products.

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  • Pesticide/Herbicide Tracking
  • Ingredient Tracing
  • Certificate and Document Repository
  • 3rd Party Labs Integration
  • Yield Analysis
  • Regulatory Interfaces
  • Halal
  • Kosher
  • Organic
  • Multi-Ingredient
  • Production Line Integration
  • Scan and Track
  • Raw Materials & Ingredients
  • Logistics

Our Tech Advantage

Private, Permissioned Blockchain

Full control over network participants. Each member of the network determines the amount of data they will share with others. Data privacy settings are granular and can be customized for each participant that interacts with each piece of data.

You gain the full benefits of the blockchain but retain control over the important bits of data in your own system.

Web3 Blockchain Technology

Our platform is based on Web3 blockchain technology supporting key features such as immutability, consensus, and smart contracts.


Data on the blockchain is meaningless without an easy and convenient way to access it. We utilize best-in-class technology for our stack, including React, React Native, Node.js and Express, running on world-class cloud services, to deliver a seamless app experience on different devices.

Business + Tech

Intersect is built upon many years of in-depth knowledge of the global supply chain. We merge our knowledge of the ins and outs of the industry to present a blockchain solution that solves real challenges and enables the benefit to be realized across the entire supply chain.