Scaling Heights.

Our Leadership Team

Gary D'Agostino
Co-Founder & CEO

Gary D’Agostino is the co-founder & Chief Executive Officer for Sinisana. He is a global senior management executive that is creative, strategic and entrepreneurial. He has a record of successful business-building through knowledge of all supply chain functions, strategic planning, negotiation, as well as business development.  

He has managed multiple disciplines within the food industry from operations, procurement, contract manufacturing, supply chain, product development, food safety and social compliance.

He has worked with CPG start-ups in the USA, Southeast Asia and Mexico.

Jonah Lau
Co-Founder & CTO

Jonah is the co-founder & Chief Technology Officer for Sinisana. He was previously the CTO of Bursa-listed Cuscapi Bhd. and started his career as a consultant with Accenture.

Jonah brings deep experience in building and managing global technology teams and products across different cultures and industries. He has managed teams in China & South East Asia, helping translate industry requirements into enterprise products that has been used in multiple countries in the Asia Pacific region.

He is an avid technologist and is excited about the potential of blockchain technology to make real, lasting changes to the business domain.


Our Advisors

Richard Upperton
A family man with a 15 year background in environmental, mechanical and electrical control engineering, Richard brings a unique skill set to the table.
Not only has this involved technical and detailed design positions from oil and gas through to converting waste to energy, Richard has also successfully mastered project management, business development, product development and board member roles.
Richard loves being involved in innovation and products that have the ability to reduce environmental impact hence why he brings support to Sinisana.

What Drives Us


Passion is not a hobby, neither is it a dream. It is an obsession, one which is just a step short of being called crazy. We are obsessed about making a difference. We are relentless at achieving perfection. We are tireless when it comes to achieving the very best standards.


Life should not be boring. Fun is at the centre of the work we do and the joy in the services we deliver. The products and services we build have to be easy to use while delivering a depth in features.

Attention To Detail.

Think big. Execute in exceptional detail. Amazing things happen only from doing all the little things right. We strongly believe that every part of this journey should be inspiring and purposeful. We work extra hard from the get go to ensure that nothing is left to chance, and that together we can create something amazing.

Breaking Barriers.

To push forward, we need to exceed ourselves, to break past barriers we’ve built. We aim to democratize the use of technology across all economic levels to allow everyone to participate in global trade on an equal footing.