5th February 2021

Sinisana Technologies announced today that Neocrab, Malaysia’s only vertically integrated crab farming producer, will use Sinisana’s blockchain platform to digitally transform record- keeping at their hatcheries, farms, and processing facilities. Neocrab will be the first aquaculture company in Sarawak to utilize blockchain technology for product traceability, food safety management, and memorialize their commitment to sustainability.

The implementation of Sinisana’s platform will help Neocrab prove the provenance and sustainability claims of their crabs through immutable blockchain records. Consumer confidence will increase with the integration of Neocrab’s food safety information onto the blockchain.

Umang Jabu, the director of Neocrab, stated, “It has been a pleasure to work with Sinisana. They understood our challenges, had the right experience, and provided suitable tools to help us. This solution positions us to scale and better serve our global market clientele.”

According to Gary D’Agostino, Sinisana’s CEO, they are thrilled to be working with Neocrab on their digital transformation journey. He further adds, “Neocrab has a compelling story to tell through their products. We are excited to provide the platform to bring their story to life with our blockchain technology. Sarawak has so much potential in aquaculture and agriculture. Our blockchain platform can help companies such as Neocrab be successful in the export market.”

A copy of this press release can be downloaded here.